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Copy of Privacy Notice - For Children



Who we are:


We are a company called MGA Entertainment Inc and we are in the United States.  Our address is 9220 Winnetka Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311, USA.


We make and sell toys. We also have websites like this one where you can play games.  We are responsible for any personal data that we gather about you and must keep it safe and secure.


What is personal data?


Personal data is information about you. 


When you play games on this website, we will get:


  • your IP address. This is a unique number, a kind of telephone number, used by machines (usually computers) to refer to each other when sending information through the internet.


  • Operating system of your device. This is the system software on your computer that manages its hardware and apps.


  • Browsing activity. We can see what games you have played and what website pages you have looked at.


  • What country you are in. We have a cookie consent tool and we need to know your country so that we show you the right tool pages. We don’t know your address or specific location.


What do we use this data for?

We use your page browsing to make our website better and more fun for you to use.  We like to see what pages people use so that we can make more games like that.

We use your IP address so that we can see what country you are in and that helps us know where our players come from.

We use what type of operating system you are using so that we can show you website pages that work with your operating system.  We need to do this so that our website will work on your device.

We can only use your IP address and your page browsing data if you agree to it. The cookie pop up on the website is where you can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to use gathering this information. If you are under 13, please ask your parents or carers about this.


Who do we share your personal data with?


We share your IP address and your page browsing with Google Analytics and Shopify, if you agree to this.



Do we transfer your personal data outside of the UK?


Our head office is in the United States so we need to transfer your data there.  This is what is called a legitimate interest for us because we are an international business.



How long do we keep your personal data for?


We keep your information for 12 months unless you ask for us to delete it, which we will.



What are your rights?

You have the same rights as grown-ups. These include knowing what data we have about you, the right to correct anything that's wrong and more. Most of the time your parents and carers will look after your rights until you are 12 or 13 years of age.


Can I find out more?


We have another notice like this one for your parents/carers to read. 

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